Web Developer – Internship

Intern: WordPress Developer

We at InnovTechsol are hiring for an enthusiastic and energetic Intern candidate for WordPress development & website content designer. He/she would have a unique opportunity to learn and implement and make commercially usable WordPress websites and graphics designing for unique website assets.

Major Responsibilities
The main Job responsibilities as a WordPress Developer Intern will include:

  • Developing entire websites for our clients on WordPress environment.
  • Keyword search/research for SEO optimization.
  • Conducting & verifying Blog page technical audits for the websites.
  • Designing & customizing custom CSS & JS with graphics for WordPress websites.
  • WordPress malware removal & protection update.
Job Category: Web Developer
Job Type: Internship
Salary: Paid Unpaid
Shift Timings: flexible Hours
Number Of Positions: 5
Sorry! This job has expired.



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