Website Management

Managing and daily updating your website can be a really hectic job to do for an website owner. But now, it’s not! We got you covered for your website management & updates/daily revisions. Our experts will manage your entire A to Z website workflow on daily basis, with full transparency to give your users a seamless experienced through out. 

What We'll Do

Managing Workflow

Fully managing your website business workflow, including design updates, graphics, orders and accounts management.

Accounts & Taxing

We’ll send you reports weekly/monthly of your gross, net sales, taxes you collect and all other accounting details.

User Technical Support

We provide expert technical support to your users/customers. Regarding your website features & workflow.

What is All in one?

We design this package specially with each and everything a small or medium business/startup needs with an website. In this package everything is included from website management, update till accounts management, brand marketing and many more.

Our Pricing

We have experience working with large, medium and small businesses and are ready to manage your website, accounts, and web designing under one roof. Choose a plan that’s just right for you.



3 Months Plan

  • Manage 1 Website
  • Order/Event Management
  • Payment & Accounts
  • Weekly Accounts Report
  • Provide Technical Support
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6 Months Plan

  • Manage 1 Websites
  • Order/Event Processing
  • Payment & Accounts
  • Monthly Accounts Report
  • Provide Technical Support
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* Price Exclusive of 18% GST and will be charged on the final invoice.

Let us help you decide your moves

Confused about which plan should be the best fit for your business/you? Don't worry we can help you with that.

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Our Marketing Charges

We accept payments only made from our client portal, email links (Received From:, and  SMS links (From sender ITECSO). Pricing are without 18% GST.

Advertisement BudgetOur Pricing
Budget No Limit INR
Monthly budget (in INR)
₹4,999/- (Monthly)
Budget No Limit INR
For 3 Months (in INR)
₹10,999/- (Quarterly)
Budget No Limit INR
For 6 Months (in INR)
₹20,999/- (Half-Yearly)
Budget No Limit INR
For 12 Months (in INR)
₹40,999/- (Annually)